• Hubbell Point-of-Use Water Heater

    The reliable point-of-use solution

    The Hubbell Expeditor J25 is a compact, 2.5 gallon, 120 volt, point-of-use hot water heater that is the perfect solution for remote locations where hot water is necessary, but space is limited such as glasswashers and wet bars.

    The Hubbell J1SSA is a compact point-of-use water heater which does not take up any floor space and eliminates the need for long pipe runs from a central heater. The J1SSA is simple to install and operates with all types of fixtures.

    Model J25
    Model J25

    2.5-Gallon Capacity

    120V models available

    • Long lasting, all stainless steel tank
    • Fully insulated for maximum efficiency
    • Electronic temperature controller with digital display
    • Adjustable temperature range of 50° F - 160° F
    • Fast recovery rate for maximum performance
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Variety of electrical options, including 120V
    • 6-foot power cord and grounded plug (on 120V models up to 1500W)
    • Built in drain port for easy maintenance
    Model J1SSA
    Model J1SSA

    1-Gallon Capacity

    120V models available

    • Stainless steel tank and a low watt density heating element provide long service life
    • Reliable, trouble-free design
    • Five (5) year non pro-rated tank warranty and one (1) year parts/labor warranty
    • 304 stainless steel exterior
    • Point-of-use installation installs directly to cold water piping
    • The Hubbell point-of-use water heater’s space-saving design requires no floor space and is acceptable for use in ADA compliant installations
    • Thermostat allows for accurate temperature control
    • No flow restrictor or special aerator required
    • Easily installed using 120V single phase

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