The longest-lasting electric booster heaters available

    Hubbell Expeditor electric booster heaters utilize heavy-duty ASME Section VIII designed, constructed, and stamped all stainless steel tanks which help to make them the longest-lasting boosters available. Hubbell engineered boosters do not require an internal tank lining which can easily erode.

    Our electric boosters are equipped with a digital temperature controller to provide accurate, reliable, and energy efficient operation while simplifying service work. The closed cell foam insulation improves efficiency and reduces costs.


    The most reliable and serviceable booster heaters on the market.
    Plus, same day shipping & 10-year tank warranty.

    Model J3 and J4
    Model J3 and J4

    3 Gallon

    Model J6
    Model J6

    6 Gallon

    1-18kW and 24-58.5kW

    Model J16
    Model J16

    16 Gallon

    What makes a Hubbell electric water heater booster better?

    • Unobstructed access to all components (see picture to the right)
    • Stainless steel tank, exterior jacket, and base
    • High-efficiency foam insulation
    • Leak detection sensor
    • ASME approval as well as UL, cUL, ASME, UL EPH (ANSI NSF 5)
    • Resettable circuit breakers

    Electronic digital display control technology

    Advanced electronic temperature control with digital display confirms at a glance proper operation and temperature setting and provides visual indication of set point temperature as well as fault conditions.

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