Continuously circulated hot water for precise temperatures

    The Hubbell Expeditor JFR is designed to work with a food rethermalizer or bain-marie to provide continuous hot water that heats and holds foods at safe-serving temperatures. Typically set between 140°F and 190°F, the desired temperature is easy to see on Hubbell’s innovative digital display.

    Model JFR
    Model JFR

    Available for 1.5 Sq Ft to 12 Sq Ft

    Up to 9Kw

    Single Phase & Three Phase Voltages

    • All stainless steel body and base commercial food rethermalizer
    • Electronic controls on our restaurant booster heaters provide precise and consistent water temperatures
    • Digital display for visual confirmation of set point temperature and fault conditions
    • Equipped with an energy cut-off (ECO) for built-in protection
    • Low water cut off
    • Straight thread, screw-type elements with O-ring gasket for easy replacement
    • Separate pump and heating compartment drains allow for easy cleaning and sanitizing
    • Standard 2" brass plated plumbing fittings for mounting into a holding vessel
    • Shipped ready to install with all gaskets and fittings
    • Multiple voltage options available

    Food Rethermalizer Requirements

    NSF/ANSI 4 Standard requirements for food rethermalization are that food reaches a safe serving temperature of 165°F in two hours or less. The Hubbell Model JFR is for a hot water bath rethermalizer. Hubbell supplies neither the vessel nor the system that determines how food is placed and held in the vessel. The JFR supplies only hot water to the vessel. Each restaurant booster heater vessel must pass its own NSF performance requirements. Although Hubbell provides sizing recommendations to help correctly size the JFR to the vessel, there are many variables involved in the manufacturing of the vessel that impact its ability to pass the NSF requirements. The Hubbell JFR is ETL and ETL Sanitation (NSF/ANSI 4) listed for construction only. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the vessel to have the complete rethermalizing product tested and listed to the NSF 4 Standard once the JFR is installed onto the vessel.

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