Hubbell Booster Heaters Hubbell Foodservice Water Heaters:

Hubbell booster heaters, sanitizing sink heaters, food rethermalizers/bain-marie heaters, and point-of-use heaters all deliver consistent and accurate hot water to your commercial kitchen. All of our heaters are long lasting and easy-to-service, combining innovative water heating technology with high-grade construction. Our foodservice equipment provides the ultimate in dependability and performance, giving you the perfect solution for all your hot water needs.

Hubbell booster heaters deliver high-volume sanitizing rinse water for your commercial dishwashing operation. Hubbell offers a selection of other water heaters to meet a variety of foodservice applications, including:

  • Restaurants

  • Food Rethermalizer/Bain-marie applications

  • Bar Sinks

  • Food Preparation Facilities

  • Sanitizing Sink Heaters

  • Glasswashers

  • Hospitals

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Banquet Centers

  • Schools

  • Wet Bars

  • Casinos

Commercial Kitchen

Hubbell booster heaters ensure your dishes are sanitized properly and efficiently with trouble-free, reliable service.

Why Hubbell Heaters?

Hubbell has been engineering, designing and manufacturing hot water heaters to meet foodservice requirements for over 50 years. Whether it’s for domestic hot water, sanitizing rinse water for dishmachines, or point of use hot water, Hubbell is your source for an endless supply of water heating products. For more information about the different foodservice water heating options we offer, please visit: Hubbell Heaters.