Say Goodbye to Expensive Chemicals and Hello to Cleaner Plates and Sparkling Glassware!

Gas booster water heaters from PrecisionTemp cut energy costs and deliver high-volume 180°F rinse water for your industrial food service facility, restaurant, bar, school, hospital or other commercial kitchen.

Cost Savings and Consistent Hot Water: You Need It, We Provide It.

Using our patented Variflame Control, your primary water temperature is checked over one hundred times each minute. Variflame uses the precise amount of energy needed to deliver a 180º rinse. No more, no less.

Our high-efficiency tankless gas booster heaters can save you $400 or more a month compared to electric booster heaters by performing 80% more efficiently than the allowable code. This means lower operating costs and easier installation where space is usually at a premium.

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Why High Temperature?

Washing with low temperatures may appear to be cheaper, but actually costs more when you factor in the chemicals, labor, water and sewage. Low temp cleans poorly too – leaving lipstick, cheese or grease residues – requiring rewashing, adding even more cost.

With low temperature, dishes do not dry quickly. Racks can drip on the floor, contributing to slip and fall incidents. OSHA reports that 41% of workmen’s compensation losses in restaurants are due to “slip and fall” claims. High temp safely flash dries your dishes.

The chlorine required in the rinse of low temp systems pollutes the environment, leaves an odor, and can ruin the taste of a meal or glass of wine. It actually causes beer to go flat! It also requires constant management to assure that the correct chemicals are used in the right amount.


– High temperature cleans better, especially lipstick and grease residues.
– Dishes “flash dry” with high temperature. You get quicker turnaround and less water on the floor, limiting slips and falls.
– Chemicals can leave residue, an odor, and/or taste on glasses and tableware.
– High temperature sanitation is consistent and reliable.
– High temperatures reduce chemical, water, and sewer usage – it’s greener!

Why Gas?

Gas costs less than electric. While electric rates are almost certain to go up, gas is likely to cost less for the foreseeable future. Electric already costs 3 to 6 times as much as gas. A new gas booster can pay for itself in the first 8 to 18 months of use. After that it’s all profit!

Electric boosters lose efficiency as electrodes calcify at high temperatures. You use more electric to clean the same dishes, and the rinse temperatures may not meet code after the first few racks.


– Natural gas is the fastest, most efficient way to heat water.
– Natural gas is less expensive than electric, and there is no electric demand charge. This can save you thousands of dollars a year in utility bills.
– Natural gas delivers more consistent results.
– Natural gas booster heaters require less maintenance. They have no electric heating elements to replace.
– Natural gas is better for the environment – it’s greener!

Why PrecisionTemp?

We take great pride in our American-built products and back them with the best warranty and most committed service in the industry. We are experts in gas heating and focus solely on gas-fired products.

We build relationships with service contractors and strengthen them through training, support materials, and extended hours 800-number access to our service techs.

Our booster heaters minimize problem areas with quick-reacting thermisters and proprietary controls. Tanks and pumps have been eliminated in most applications, two problem areas for most booster heater manufacturers. This design also eliminates standby heat loss.

Our gas modulation valve minimizes the gas required to maintain the specified temperature with an industry-best 88.8% to 94.8% efficiency, according to Fisher Nickel Labs (study available upon request).

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Testimonials: We Love our Customers, They Love our Products

We are fully dedicated to our customers’ needs. When you buy a PrecisionTemp booster heater, there’s no need to worry about customer support. We have expert service staff throughout North America, extended hours 800-number access to our service techs, and self-diagnostic software to provide instant troubleshooting.

“PrecisionTemp Boosters are first-rate.”

“They are nicely put together, easy to install, and work right out of the box. I will be installing more of your gas booster heaters throughout the Cincinnati Public School District. There are quite a few installations where I presently have 40 gallon gas under fired water heaters being used as booster heaters, and don’t seem to give me that constant 180-degrees final rinse water needed for sanitizing. Your PT-56 booster heater does.

It took a while to be won over to your product. If you recall, I actually tested your booster heater in a restaurant before ordering. From what I have observed there, and the one I installed for CPS, your gas-fired booster is very comparable to electric booster heaters. Your booster heater does perform as advertised. Keep up the good work!”  Dennis McManus, Food Service Plumber – Cincinnati Public Schools

“Ordinarily I do not write to tell companies how much I like their product..”

“..but your PT-200 gas booster heater is the exception. It was easy to install and worked perfectly from the get-go. Our company saved so much money on our utility bills with the first one that it paid for itself in an incredibly short time. Impressive!

Our nursing home facilities have had six of your booster operating for over two years. We are sold on your product. Keep up the good work.” – John Wilcox – The McGuire Group

“You are lowering our utility bill as we follow the state mandate to reduce electrical usage.”

“Your booster heaters have helped us to save money as well as be green at the same time and without a hassle. That’s about as good as it gets.” – Chuck Maxwell, Director – Energy Management, Mesquite Independent Schools

“Typically I do not write to compliment manufacturers on their product..”

“..but in this case I am making an exception. As you know, your PT-56 is able to maintain our requirement of 195 degree temperature. The electric warmers were not able to do this on a consistent basis.

Second, the design and installation of your product allows it to be used to supply additional hot water when required. This has eliminated a problem that we previously had of running out of hot water during nightly cleanup.

Third, your PT-56 saves money. The electric warmers cost far more to operate than your PT-56.

Finally, your company provides excellent service. Not only did you help reconfigure the PT-56 specifically for our requirements, but the follow-up PrecisionTemp provides is second to none. Good job!” – Conrad Crenshaw, Area Manager – AJS Associates – Franchisee of KFC Corp.

Case Study: Booster Heater Installation and Cost Savings at Rockwall School District

“With the ongoing utility cost savings we expect with the gas booster water heaters and the cash rebate we will get from Oncor, the local electric distribution company, the payback from switching to gas booster water heaters will be less than one school year,” – Julie Farris, Director of Child Nutrition, Rockwall ISD.

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