The Hubbell PT gas booster water heater series delivers high-volume 180°F sanitizing rinse water for your commercial dishwashing operation. The PT Series is ideal for all foodservice applications such as:



bullet5Food Preparation Facilities

bullet5Country Clubs

bullet5Banquet Centers

bullet5Correctional Facilities



Hubbell gas booster heaters ensure your dishes are sanitized properly and efficiently with trouble-free, reliable service.

The PT Gas Booster Heater Series has several innovative features, placing it far ahead of other gas booster heaters in its class. Some of the features and benefits include:

bullet5Variflame Technology 

bullet5All Stainless Steel Exterior

bullet5Available in NG or LP

bullet5Wall Mount Option Available 

bullet5Easy to Service

bullet5No Standing Pilot 

Cost-cutting Technology and Consistent 180°F Sanitizing Rinse Water: When You Need It!

The PT Gas Booster Heater Series has several innovative features and is engineered with Hubbell’s exclusive VariFlame™ control system, placing it far ahead of other gas booster heaters in its class. With our patented Variflame Control technology, the internal parameters of your booster heater are monitored over 100 times each minute, ensuring precise and consistent water temperatures.

Variflame makes sure the amount of energy utilized by the booster is no more and no less than the amount that is necessary to supply 180°F sanitizing rinse water. This precise energy usage means the PT series is a highly efficient, reliable booster heater that can significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs.  

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Why Hubbell Heaters?

Hubbell has been engineering, designing and manufacturing hot water heaters to meet foodservice requirements for over 50 years. Whether it’s for domestic hot water, sanitizing rinse water for dishmachines, or point of use hot water, Hubbell is your source for an endless supply of water heating products. For more information about the different foodservice water heating options we offer, please visit: Hubbell Heaters.