For a limited time only*,  Hydroblend™ HBW Water Treatment System is only $200, regular list price is $610.

The Hydroblend™ HBW Water Treatment System provides superior mineral scale prevention and corrosion control by feeding a special blend of scale control compounds into the water stream.  Benefits include:

-Longer equipment life
-Less water related service calls results in lower maintenance costs
-Reduced mineral scale deposits which improves product longevity and lowers operating costs
-Releases the blended phosphate at a constant rate resulting in consistent scale prevention
Hydroblend™ is specifically designed for use in high temperature applications

If you know of any commercial kitchens with hard water issues, now is the time replace their booster and take advantage of the additional savings.

Mention Promo Code WATERTREAT to receive this special promo price of $200 for the HydroBlend(TM) HBW Water Treatment System.

List Price = $610
Special Promo Price = $200

That’s more than 65% off list price!

Please note that there is a maximum of 2 water treatment systems per customer at this special price of $200 each.

* This deal expires August 31st, 2017

To place an order or to contact us with any questions
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-Fax 203-378-3593

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