Hubbell Hot Water Pressure Washer: HYDRAWASH

High pressure and high temperature sanitization you can rely on

Hubbell’s hot water pressure washer, the HydraWash, is the most complete electric water heater sanitization pressure washing system available. The HydraWash system delivers high pressure and high temperature water in one turnkey package to deliver fast and effective cleaning and sanitization. Hot water is a proven resource to help emulsify dirt, grease and residue from surfaces, so the HydraWash systems pairing of 140°F hot water and 2gpm of 1000 psi deliver the best results possible. The HydraWash heated pressure washer system offers hot water temperature control, with an integrated tankless hot water heater so you never deplete the critical hot water supply needed in in other parts of your kitchen. HydraWash maximizes efficacy rates while saving precious resources making it the most advanced cleaning system in the industry.

  • Cleaning System with 2 HP Baldor Motor
  • 18kW Tankless Water Heater
  • 50" High Pressure Hose
  • 12" Floor Scrubber
  • Sanitizing Spray Wand
  • Hose Reel
  • Wall Mount Brackets

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