Important Facts About Gas Booster Heaters and Energy Savings

Gas booster heater annual operating cost

– Energy prices are November 2001 Union Gas South and London Hydro rates
– Chemical sanitizer usage assumed to be 1.8 U.S. gallons per day
– Operating costs shown are exclusive of maintenance

Annual Operating Cost for Tableware Sanitation

The following article was posted courtesy of Union Gas Limited of Canada:

“When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing tableware, natural gas booster water heaters are the clear winners in terms of cost and performance. Compared to low temperature chemical rinse, gas booster water heating offers cleaner looking tableware, faster production and drying times, and up to 73% savings in annual operating costs.
Furthermore, high temperature sanitization is gentler on your tableware and dishwasher than corrosive chemical sanitizers. A typical 44″ rack conveyor dishwasher operating 6 hours a day at 70% capacity saves about $3,148 annually with a high-efficiency gas booster water heater. The initial cost of the gas booster water heater and installation is recovered in less than 2 years and then the savings go straight to the bottom line, every year.”

Case Study: Booster Heater Installation and Cost Savings at Rockwall School District


“With the ongoing utility cost savings we expect with the gas booster water heaters and the cash rebate we will get from Oncor, the local electric distribution company, the payback from switching to gas booster water heaters will be less than one school year,” – Julie Farris, Director of Child Nutrition, Rockwall ISD.

Click here to download the full Rockwall School District case study – “Gas Booster Water Heaters Earn High Marks During In-School Test”